We take great pride in our manufacturing process, which involves our team of skilled artisans handcrafting each Felt so good product with love, care and attention to detail, not only making every character wonderfully unique but also keeping our environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.


Here's a brief overview of how our products are made...


Our raw, ethically sourced wool arrives in Nepal from New Zealand via our trusted suppliers who share the same dedication to sustainability as we do. The first thing that happens is the carding and cleaning of this natural by-product. The raw wool is carded to remove any debris or dirt by our team of trained specialists.

The wool is then spun into amazing cobweb like structures that removes all the unorganised clumps of fibres and realigns them into a suitable material to work with. This wool is then safely removed by our carding specialists and rolled up, ready for dying...

The dying process involves taking these carded bundles of fluffy wool fibres and putting them into our specialist containers that allow steam and the coloured pigments to work together to dye our natural wool any colour possible.

The steam used in all processes is produced from burning off cuts of wood from local carpenters in order to reduce wastage from nearby villages and all the water used is purified on site in an ecological manner.


After 3 – 5 hours in the steamer, this wool is now vibrantly coloured and ready for drying. After a few minutes in the foot peddled dryer it then basks in the sunshine until dry. Our wonderful wool is then ready to be sent off to the felting department to bring our fabulous designs to life.

This colourful wool will then pass through the skilled hands of our various teams of artists. Our wet felting team will use this wool to create felt fabric by agitating and matting together the wool fibers using soap, water, and pressure. These sheets of wool are then used to make products such as leaves and flowers for our garlands, our stockings and any of our simpler designs.

Our needle felting team will use this wool to create our characters and animals. This is a traditional method of creating felt by repeatedly poking the wool fibers with a special needle until they interlock and form a solid, cohesive material. Finally, all final touches are added by our embroidery team, who assemble together the final product that will eventually arrive with you!

Here's a video of our amazing team in action, creating some of our fantastic products...