Welcome to Felt so good!


Felt so good was born in 2009, when founder Adele Zara Collinson was working in Asia and came upon the vibrancy and potential of using felt as a sustainable, eco-friendly material.

As much as Adele was loving life as a holiday rep for TUI, she knew her passion for a creative business was calling. So, combining her knowledge from her design degree and an overwhelming urge to bring handmade beautiful products to the masses, her search for an ethical cottage industry began.

For weeks she visited factories large and small throughout India to ensure that the location that would produce her designs was safe, ethical and had a minimal carbon footprint. Finally, she found the perfect relationship. A small cottage industry in Nepal creating products from wool.

Once returning to the UK she started selling at weekend craft markets and travelled all over the country from Inverness to Penzance selling to shops.

Throughout the next couple of years, she had revisited the team in Nepal numerous times and had built up a design collection that was different to anything else on the market. Then in 2011 attending her first trade show at Autumn fair in the UK.

The underlying ethos behind Felt so good has always been to produce high quality, ethically produced, sustainable products that don’t compromise on design, all whilst showcasing the techniques and skills of our team.

Our vast collections showcase fabulous characters and decorations for all seasons and occasions, and we work hard to regularly launch innovative new products. Currently over 150 new designs a year! Adele travels to Nepal three times a year to take out these new designs and work directly with the team, whilst making the details and the personalities of the characters perfect and ensuring that the values and ethics of Felt so good are being upheld and strengthened. Throughout the past ten years, not only have amazing business relationships been formed but also lifelong friendships.

As Felt so good continues to grow, so does our team in Nepal. We now employ over 250 talented people and in 2022 plan to open a second cottage industry over an hour away from our current location, which will enable local people in that area to be taught a new skill and have secure employment that isn’t currently offered in that remote area. This is with strong thanks to everyone that has bought from and supported Felt so good over the years.

Images of the development of this (amongst everything else we do) will be posted on our Instagram as it progresses in 2022. Please do follow us here if you’d like to see more.